February 21, 2008

Your Vote Ought to be the Power Behind the Button

The land seems to have been gripped by unparalleled sensitivity. People seem to be less offended by the unjustified price hike of souvlakia than a bunch of silly text messages currently doing the rounds.

I intend to vote for Kasoulides despite his endorsement by the archbishop. This, less than a year after the official glorification of the late Archbishop Makarios III - an initiative orchestrated by the Ministry of Education during the Tassos regime.

I intend to vote Kasoulides even though he has said nothing concrete to allay Mr. Pomilorides' ludicrous concern that becoming more European may lead to an increased number of homeless.

I intend to vote Kasoulides because I've had enough of Tassos and I'd rather not see him become the power behind the button - after all, he was undoubtedly the more powerful and influential component in the coalition that has taken us nowhere during the last 5 years.

Let's put things in perspective and do our best to prevent Tassos from becoming our very own comeback kid.


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