February 08, 2008

Brown Shirted Boy

It's been a while since we've seen Kareklas get all authoritarian on TV. It was, therefore, such a pleasant surprise to see him assert himself on CyBC on Thursday night. Kareklas, who has taught his underlings to say "I will not allow it..." in order to discipline guests on talk shows, was in full force and decided to pick on Marios Matsakis.

Many viewers were convinced that with every "I won't allow you to talk that way" the TV news department boss boy barked, the more turned on he looked. It certainly got a few doddering old wimmin in Ayia Marina Xyliatou a bit damp, not to mention a few burly taxi drivers who'd love to be barked at and spanked.

But inexplicable fetishes aside, young Kareklas ought to get a grip on...his manners and not his manhood when acting as if he owns the joint (that's not what I meant, officer).

Giving 3 of the representatives of the leading campaign double the time allocated to Matsakis and Igoumenides (representing Costas Themistocleous) was a crappy thing to do. This ought to be looked at by the Broadcasting Authority.

Badgering Matsakis is not a very intelligent thing to do. In this case, however the Euro MP put the boy Kareklas in his place.
Boy: "So, how much money did you spend on your leaflet which appeared in all the newspapers...?"

Matsakis: [after a pause, which allowed boy to dig a deeper hole] "It only went into Simerini at a cost of £1000..."
Heh, heh, heh.

Get a brown shirt, boy and a haircut like Emilia's. The taxi drivers would love that...


Blogger impius said...


yeah baby!

08 February, 2008 16:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matsakis rules. I don't know whose payroll the ChAIR-MAN is but he failed to exert himself as a being superior to Marios. Final score: Matsakis 1 - Kareklas 0.

10 February, 2008 22:01  

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