December 17, 2007

Mikellides for Themistocleous

The good doctor surprises again and delays by one(?) week his Vote for Tassos piece. Instead, we read why we should vote for Themistocleous, a seemingly honest man who, judging from his house in Aglantzia, is either the scion of a well to do family, or married well or got some extra pocket money from those desalination plants. What strikes us, as well spotted by readers of this blog, is the complete abstinence of the good doctor from any foul language. It is perhaps the first time that the use of nice cypriot adjectives to give meaning to the words is completely avoided. Normally the lack of vivid hyperbole makes the average writer more convincing. Nevertheless, in the case of Mikellides, this works to make the piece the least convincing from any the good doctor has produced to date (including the Ones before the VOTE FOR ... series).


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