December 07, 2007

Singing in [and out of] the Rain


spot the mayor

Not only is the ambassador of Slovakia a damn fine looking woman, she also has a low tolerance for foolish behaviour. Her Excellency, Dr. Anna Tureničová dragged a bunch of people round the Green Line and then they all sat down for a chit chat. The upshot: Yes,Ledra Street could be opened if the political decision were to be taken.

A most dramatic entrance was made by the 2 mayors of Nicosia (or, if we want to be politically 'correct', Elenara and a 'so called mayor' of occupied Nicosia) who flew in through the window with flames of reconciliation shooting out of their ears. The image could, unfortunately, not be captured for posterity as the CNA photographers were out and about snapping pictures of people walking around in the rain carrying umbrellas. These pictures carried a caption reading:"people in the rain with umbrellas".

Then a bunch of politicians started arguing about turkish troops, the quality of ravioli at Zennetos Tavern and shoe sizes, at which time Dr. Tureničová told them all to put a sock in it.

As anyone can tell you there are no turkish troops anywhere near the Ayios Dometios checkpoint.

The president of the Republic, in the meantime, is dishing out money.


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