November 18, 2007

The Cyprus Delight

The following letter to the editor appeared today in the Cyprus Mail.

Cyprus delight: how pathetic
I was bemused by your article on the naming of lokoumi. It’s not very often I do, but on this point I have to take the side of the Turks over this issue. I think the Greek Cypriots are being childish and pathetic over the whole thing. Why can't we just call it Turkish Delight like the rest of the world does? Or at least Turkish Delight made in Yeroskipou.

Every time I visit Cyprus, I feel embarrassed at the childish way we call it Cyprus Delights. Do you really think the tourists are so stupid that they will not know it’s just out of pathetic grudges that we have changed the name? And the ones that don't know anything about the political situation in Cyprus simply won't buy it because they will not know that it is Turkish Delights. We would probably sell more if it was called by its proper name. The same product is also manufactured here in Britain but the manufacturers do not call it British Delights. Nobody here has ever heard of lokoumi or Cyprus Delights.

I'm sure if it was say the Italians, Armenians, French or some other friend of ours who invented the product we would not have a problem using their national name, provided they allowed it.
It’s just because its got the word Turkish in it, that’s why we call it differently from what the rest of the world. How pathetic.

Strange attitude for a people who are supposed to be wanting to get back to living with the Turkish Cypriots.

Jimmy Demetriou
Workington, Cumbria, UK

Of course, the answer could be that the attitude is just about right if you really do not want to get back to living with the other community. Especially if you live in Pafos, and you are one of the Last of the Mohicans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, only English speakers call it Turkish Delight. Everybody who makes it calls it lokum (or some variation thereof).

26 November, 2007 17:37  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

Either Lokum or Lokumi or for english speakers Turkish Delight is a possible variation. But Cyprus Delight is a bit of a stretch whichever way you cut it.

27 November, 2007 10:59  

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