November 10, 2007

TeePee discovers the Net

It is indeed amazing.

Since April 2004 we have not seen any attempt by the incumbent to use the internet to explain why the G/C voted NO. We have not seen any one-page advertisments in the FT, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Time or Newsweek to explain why the G/C could not trust Turkey to stand by its side of the bargain.

Not only that, when the foreign press was in Stravaraland, the President himself wondered aloud, in front of the foreign press, whether a "cold reception in Dublin meant that the waiter will not serve him"!?

Now, a few months before the Presidential Elections, the net has been discovered! To publicise our Third World mentality. Yes. Tassos Papadopoulos has his own webpage now. Moreover, throught this website, you can sign up to go to Stravaraland and vote for free (because us apodimoi are not allowed to vote at our local embassy or consulate). I guess if you have the money it makes more sense to invest it on Cyprus Airways, and get the credit for saving the national airline as well.


Anonymous gt said...

Your the one with a third world mentality. A lot of world leaders have their own blog. If this was a leader of the DISY party doing this, you would be telling us right now that our leader has finally gotten with the times. I feel like im reading the rants from the Cyprus Mail.

As the Spanish king recently stated to a ranting loony por que no te callas. ;-)

15 November, 2007 11:42  

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