November 07, 2007

Children to the Slaughter

I object to people telling me that I should stop watching CyBC. To its theoretical credit, the taxpayer-funded broadcaster is the only station to carry a current affairs programme during the day. It varies in quality and hysterics. I like the smiling man who asks good questions and am usually amused by the other guy who asks interminable questions and is always interrupting or interjecting (yes, he did refer to the sheep farmers as being uneducated on Wednesday).

[courtesy of yiorkosLillikas - Stravaraland's official YouTube uploader]

But the highlight of "Apo Mera se Mera" is the delectable Stavriani Constantinou, who was recently voted Best Female News Presenter in a TV Mania poll. More importantly than that, though, Stavriani was also voted the most beautiful woman in Stravaraland in our own babe poll with 170 votes cast so far.

However, as one of the presidential candidates rightly pointed out, the programme features a slew of politicians during the recent foot and mouth fiasco, and not enough epidemiologists. It would have been much more useful for the editors to find someone who could give people a rundown of what the disease entails, instead of having Photis going on and on about how impressed the EU seems to be by our brilliant handling of the situation. Strangely enough, however the minister of killer tomatoes played down the ubiquitous Turkish Cypriot factor. Maybe Marcos in Brussels asked him to tone it down a bit.

The other thing journalists seem to avoid is asking questions. This, of course, would take too much valuabe time better spent on getting hysterical and pathetic. Instead of asking what the hell cars are being sprayed with when going back and forth between contaminated zones and the rest of planet Stravaraland, they'd rather encourage the suffering farmers to tell the how they viewed the livestock as being their children and grandchildren. Maybe occasionally sending one's offspring to an abattoir is considered as perfectly acceptble in certain cultures, so I won't argue this point.

One CyBC reporteroid even went as far as to tell us that this catastrophe was tantamount to farmers being made refugees a second time over and carried on bleating "...having saved their flocks in 1974 they find themselves facing yet another disaster in 2007".

The fact that a lot of the stricken farmers happen to be refugees ought not to be used to conjure up ludicrous images of people fleeing with a sheep strapped to their backs. Let's get real and ask real questions here, shall we.


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