October 22, 2007

Warm Welcome

VassoLyss was given a warm and festive reception upon his arrival in Syria. The people of Stravaraland are confident that the doktor will manage to fix everything and get the Syrians to torpedo the ferry boats sailing back and forth between Latakia and the non existent, yet occupied, port in the georgraphical north.

Or was that an illegal port in the non existent north? Crap, I'm totally confused now.


Blogger Giorgio said...

Evtaksi sior, ekavovise ta. Epire tou Assad tze eva leukaritiko tze avarades pou areskav tou makariti tou tziri tou.
Kkossiter it tan...

23 October, 2007 21:39  
Anonymous Joe said...

You have it all wrong like the Cyprus Mail. The Ferry problem has been resolved. ;-)~

26 October, 2007 10:00  

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