November 09, 2007

Upside Da Head

It's truly shocking that TeePee's new website features this capture from a video of Da Man slapping a poor child. Shameful, indeed, but the best bits are the rip-roaring, hysterical adulations poured upon the leader in the "comments" of the blog section.

What is interesting, though are the Facebook links. With over 18,600 people in the Cyprus network on the social networking site, it does seem like a smart move.

Of course there's a YouTube link as well, which is bound keep people entertained especially in view of the fact that one can't find any South Park clips any more. Now there's an idea for a debate - Cartman moderating the presidential candidates debating at CyBC. Kareklas can play the role of Kenny.

OK, now go off and have some fun. Don't forget to follow the link above and check out all those erudite comments.


Blogger nousimos kappa said...

the funniest thing about the Tassos blog on the site, is that the idiot "brand managers" who set it up, thought that they could get away with seting up a forum where they can choose names like aristeros, and praise the lord for giving Tassos to us.

its even funnier that Kostakis quickly found this out and gave out the word for the real bloggers of the Cy prob to get in their and kick some ass. and ass they kicked.

bravo boys and girls

10 November, 2007 23:44  
Blogger Noullis said...

Thankfully, though, my favourite poem by 'Antonis' is still there

12 November, 2007 17:51  

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