January 18, 2008

Quick, get an interpretator!

What's all this fuss about Marcos being racist?
Well, Sky in Australia has gone to town on it with the help of interpretators...


Anonymous milaz said...

Interpretators... hmmm

18 January, 2008 16:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you surprised about? You dont think there is a certain bias in favor of Turkey regarding certain news agencies. Your discovering that now? Yes, saying the removal of Turkish troops and settlers is a racist statement. lol

But arent you people the very same who point to your fellow Cypriots links to sites like the Financial Times and say here i told you dumb donkey from Strovolo that the Annan plan is good.

You guys even have a link to British-smallwars.com, thats just nasty. Had we know right for our indipendents? What Greek fanatics? But Mala was a Britis colony and Britain left when the Maltese told them to? What i am being unreasonable? Ohh err

CYPRUS MAIL SUX! Fake a@@ tabloid news agency

18 January, 2008 23:50  
Blogger Demetris said...

Pou to ivren to aftokinito, a?!

19 January, 2008 06:49  
Blogger Noullis said...

klepsimio!! shillia ta ekato!!

19 January, 2008 12:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loucas Charalambous as you all know, is an extreme left wing looney, aarhhmm, much like you all. This Cyprus Mail journalist extreme left wing views has no bounds. Why, AKEL's political views are not left enough for him. Take a lok at his article today and see that he criticizes every political leader Cyprus ever had. He does this often. And at the same time, values and adores Mehmet Ali Talat . "Mehmet Ali Talat would tell us," Wait, who cares? Isn't Talat only doing what Ankara tells him to do? This is what im talking about with the tabloid Cyprus Mail.

I would appreciate a response, the more the merrier, on why you guys link to that garbage so called news agency? This comment might sound like i a criticism, it is, but i just want to understand.


20 January, 2008 14:07  
Anonymous milaz said...

this is a lot more interesting

21 January, 2008 20:38  
Anonymous milaz said...

actually I just noticed the best part... the "racist" video of Bagh has about 78 thous views, while the Venus booty video has about 340 thous...

21 January, 2008 20:53  

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