January 25, 2008

Spot The Green

Here we have the 3 main candidates for the upcoming presidential elections as they gather their thoughts in the green room at the State Broadcaster. It was a so, so debate with Paris Potamitis using the 30 second timeslot reserved for asking a question to simply introduce his question. The 3 ran out of the time allotted to answer the lame questions, with the exception of Kasoulides. The other two treated the 'out of time' reminder as if they were not doing so well during a quiz show.

The most peculiar comment on the debate came from the so-called Green Party which bellyached about the lack of environmental questions posed. Well, dudes, you had ample time to get in touch with the journalists and suggest a question or two. Until such time as you get proactive, please spare us your childish comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jean: Do no evil...
Tass: Scratch no evil...
Deme: Hear no evil...

30 January, 2008 22:11  

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