February 12, 2008

A Message from Tassos?

As the incumbent's popularity dwindles, this is the sort of speech we may see Lillkas or Omirou deliver. Hmm, maybe even Syllouris...

It's amazing how the incumbent's support keeps dwindling. And as it dwindles the little lapdogs come out to play. Tassos supporters have been infesting the comments section of such blogs as the presidential elections blog for a while now. And as the elections get closer all the halfwits and Tassos supporters with water on the brain have bombarded the blog with idiotic, off-topic and boring as dry shit in a desert type of overlong and verbose rants.

Some of our regulars go by multiple nicknames (the all time favourite having been the highly imaginative 'anonymous') but the content has but a few constant themes. The Annan plan, resistance, bloody foreigners and - as of late - the evil Cyprus Mail. They're funny to read until you realize some of these confused puppies, foaming at the mouth, actually believe they shite they spew.

So, yes, the level of immaturity becomes sad. And sad is the lack of vision. Sad is the inferiority complex, the xenophobia coupled with more than an unhealthy dose of self contradiction coupled with delusion.

Sad is the fanaticism with which all these inward looking and highly insecure puppies rally round the worst and most paranoid president this country has ever suffered under.

It will be even sadder if we do not turn Cyprus into a Tassos-Free zone.

Say NO to Tassos.

Choose Life!


Anonymous coppa said...

People have a right to their opinion Noullis. Why does it bother you that there are a lot of Cypriot contributors in these blogs that support Tassos? You are the one that sounds paranoid and delusional. And all polls conducted on this island have Tassos in the lead.

Its a good thing comrade. We are not left communist country thats going to vote for AKEL. That would make us the laughing stock in Europe. Cyprus the only communist country in the EU?

No, the overwhelming people here will vote for Kasou or TPAP. If you dont like it than you can stay in the UK (or go back to the UK) or move to Cuba. One less lazy lefty person requesting handouts is a good thing.

My party is Evropaiko Komma and i hope more DISY supporters will see EVROKO as an alternative party. EROKO would never secretly negotiate to elect a commie.

12 February, 2008 21:48  
Blogger Noullis said...

@ coppa:

Please stop taking whatever it is you're on - whether prescribed or not.

Choose life!

12 February, 2008 22:46  
Anonymous PanZafAnefAnon said...

HA!!! This guy sounds like Omirou!

12 February, 2008 22:53  
Blogger Andreas (MegaHz) said...

check out this video about elections:

and this about "The Euro" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJoNimbcgBA

13 February, 2008 08:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, the only reason tassos has a high rating in the polls is because his one-time arch-rival and later (alleged) mentor, spyros, gave so many jobs in civil service in the late 70s, early 80s. those are the people who are the bosses in government nowadays. let's end the corruption and vote for greener days in cyprus. vote matsakis!!

14 February, 2008 09:04  

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