March 27, 2008

Green water

Oh boy am I pissed off… This is not a way to introduce myself in a blog, but hey… I just said I am pissed off so I am justified to start any way I want…

While I was happily browsing the online version of a newspaper, I run into an article by a member of the Cyprus Green Party. The “Dear” author, tells us that we have a problem with our water and that this is bad, as we should have solved it a long time ago.
No shit, my main man!

How the hell did we manage to get here? the Dear wonders. Shouldn’t a country with an inherent problem of water supply stay away from golf courses? Shouldn’t a country the size of a pea, manage to plug the holes in its “vast” water system that loses 40% of the water due to leaks, the Dear sobs?

Oh gimme a break you freaking hypocrites….. For five years, I saw Mr Partridge in the news more often than I have seen some of the news anchors themselves (Emilia Kenevezou being the exception). He was protesting about the English Bases in Akrotiri, the chopping down of trees in Nicosia, the English Bases in Akrotiri, the proposed building of a gas station in Larnaca avenue, the English Bases in Akrotiri, the building of a desalination station in Limassol…did I mention the English bases in Akrotiri? … Oh , what was the last one? Desalination plant? Why was he complaining about that?

I have NEVER seen any green complain about the way our water supplies were handled during the past 5 years. Never seen Mr Partrdge leading protesters on the streets complaining about the lack of long term policy regarding the valuable resource. It didn’t matter that we had enough water then. The Greens should have known. They should have stayed focus on what they (should) know best..

But again, this is Cyprus. The environment doesn’t sell… It’s only being sold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Partridge should find his pear tree and stay in it. What an idiot! Instead of finding ways to help buy or subsidise more desal units for teh golf courses so that: a. they bring in more income; and, b) they do not use normal water supplies, the Greens are more Brown. All they know is how to meddle in politics they have no idea about. God knows how much Tassos paid them not to get involved in some issues...

30 March, 2008 16:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Chuck

Seems that Partridge and his Green Pears have missed the point. I wonder if they or any of the newspapers and TV stations will be ready to condemn the stupidity of Alpha Bank chiefs to allow their front-door pavement to be watered down early Monday monring in view of the passing public many of whom had our water supplies cut off over the weekend? Perhaps they all fear they will lose their advertising budgets. Shame on Alpha Bank! They should be renamed Omega Bank for their lack of human and environmental decency. So, where is Partridge when you need him most?

31 March, 2008 09:30  

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