April 09, 2008

Flower Pots

CyBC's Costas Constantinou's fascination of the Ledra Street flower pots (and their semiological implications, as expressed by this veritable titan of TV news) has given us food for thought.

Pictured here is a flower pot heater that we could have the UN procure in time for the cold weather, for instance. These are perfect as they do not require watering (does anyone know whether Photis is in any way connected to the new minister's pledge/wish regarding the provision of water to our parched island, by the way?) and are pretty good at warming passers by.

However, I feel a more 'Cypriot' solution would be to line the buffer zone with some of these. Cook-offs can then be organised by the UN as part of a general rapprochement thingy. In order for this to be done right (as in "correct ingredients" - 'scuse the pun) we ought to decide what percentage of the contestants ought to be Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot respectively. Meat is another question that needs to be dealt with, of course.

Any thoughts?


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