April 17, 2008

Clear by Lettering

Don’t you just love the way politicians, organizations, political parties, even individuals like me come out clean when something improper happens?

Diagorou street was probably the only street in Nicosia that had more trees than potholes. That being unacceptable in 2008’s Nicosia was quickly spotted and the mayor sent her troops down to clear (Ok, she actually outsourced the job to a private company). Rather than drilling potholes, they found it easier to cut down all the trees from the left side of the street. The word out on the street is that the trees from the opposite side will soon follow.

Being a true Cypriot, I did not and will not do anything about this, even though it bothers me a lot! The bad thing is that I feel guilty about it, but this is depleting slowly as I do "my duty" writing this. I promise you that last word of this article will flush the last bit of guilt out my guilt sack so I can continue to prosper with a clean conscious. The same thing works fine with the Green Party’s Partridge who wrote a letter that he will later bring up to say “Of course I complained. Its all on this page”. The difference is that I have never claimed to be and was not voted to be the Robin Hood of the environment (at this point I performed a partial flush of my guilt sack). Maybe the Partridge was the one responsible to saddle up the horse, run to Diagorou and climb up the trees to defend them.

All I need to care is the future of my children… When they ask me why Nicosia has no trees, I will point them to this site…

Sack’s clean !


Anonymous milaz said...

"Being a true Cypriot, I did not and will not do anything about this, even though it bothers me a lot!"

Indeed, a true Cypriot! :P

Living in a 3rd world country means trees must go to build the infrastructure we lack....

18 April, 2008 08:21  

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