July 17, 2007

Yiannakis Confused, Souvlaki Banned

OK, I timed Yiannakis Nicolaou on CyBC today. If my questionable calculations are correct, he speaks, on average, 35.72 times longer than all his guests put together. He was all over the new Foreign Minister and congratulated her at least 17 times on being a woman. The interview was a world exclusive.

And just because I've been, on occasion, less than flattering to the State Broadcaster, I was punished today. Severely. No Stavriani Constantinou!!! OK, CyBC, the gloves are off. I'm going to get you for this.

Yiannakis then had the man who hands out road circulation licences. The innovation of the year, it seems, is that you can now go online and print your own. This, of course will be loads of fun for all of us who'd rather forge than pay up. Did the channel tel us which www-telia dot com telia cy to go to? No. Instead Yiannakis felt compelled to ask what would happen with old folks who live in Paphos and don't have access to the Internet.

"Well," explained the man in charge, quite patiently, "they can go to the bank..."
"Yes, but," retorted an agitated Yiannakis, "We're no longer going to get those slips of paper that reminded us it was time to renew......."

Well, Yiannaki, have you ever thought of taking a look at the damn thing which is stuck to the inside of your windscreen? And how come you never saw to it that your grandfather get on-line? And how come he's still driving?

In other environmental news: The Defence Ministry has issued a ban on take away food deliveries to National Guard camps, as only the food provided by the National Guard is fit for consumption by recruits. It is unclear whether food delivered to the ministry itself is safe. No more gyro from Athinaiki Gonia?


Anonymous m said...

I'm pretty sure Athinaiki Gonia is supported by the Defense ministry :P

And we agree on Stavriani too. By far, the best broadcaster of the state asylum.

17 July, 2007 22:24  
Blogger Noullis said...

And the most beautiful in the land by far!

18 July, 2007 17:03  

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