July 16, 2007

Switched Off

It's just like being a schoolkid, really - working at the State Broadcaster. You take the summer off if you work on the morning show. CyBC simply hooks up with a private channel in Greece, as if it is of any consequence to the local audience. Because if you really wanted to get an idea of what's happening in Greece your best TV source would be ERT - the Greek State Broadcaster. Damn fine presentation that goes way beyond our own local "what I was told by the news agencies" school of journalism. And far beyond our own news agency which, in turn, subscribes to the the "what I was told by the grown ups who run the place" school.

I was about to say kudos to Sigma for actually running a summer morning show until I made the terrible mistake of watching. We have a peculiar looking chap, who today looked as if he had just popped out of a toaster. No, not his fault but the hideous choice of jacket ought not to go unpunished. And the gal presenter; hm, well, a slice short of a sandwich? Not the sharpest knife in the block? I don't know. And I suppose her whiney voice is not her fault, either. But the questions! Damn, this girl didn't seem to be able to tell the difference between sosias (look-alike) and Sotiras (saviour) when talking to survivors of the 256th infantry brigade of the National Guard that sustained heavy losses in 1974. And the look-alike in question was the legendary Mrs. Euphrosini, who managed to help some of the survivors hide, fed them and looked after them.

I won't comment on some of the gal presenter's more ludicrous questions because I'd rather be sweating while cycling right now.

Someone please pull the plug on that morning show. And tell the State Kids to take a nice looong holiday as well.


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