July 10, 2007

An Unholy Trinity and a Gaping Hole

It has been days since we've heard from Yiorkos Lillikas, our francophone Minister of External Affairs. He was the only minister who went up to see the ethnarch for a spot of lunch and a chat who did not make any statements upon leaving and we don't know why and neither has it become clear whether his future career has been assured yet.

The predominant rumor is that he will indeed resign his cabinet post and try to quit before he's fired from AKEL, so to speak. It is, therefore, expected that he be placed as TeePee's campaign manager, when the incumbent's candidacy is finally made public.

Being a turncoat is just fine, seeing as the majority of voters do have a long term memory problem. Vassiliou was abandoned shortly after a brand new car was procured back in the day. Some may have seen the action as being in very poor taste but we will never judge a Cypriot with a love for brand new wheels.

As the first flip flopper of a presidential campaign marked by an incumbent in a state of shock at the calling of his bluff, Lillikas may actually find himself faced with the prospect of a vanishing political career. Million pound lawsuits don't really impress anyone with half a brain and neither do they create enough smoke for an effective enough screen.

The arrogance of a president who relies on lapdogs to express his displeasure is not something new in Cypriot politics. This is quite fitting in a climate more reminiscent of the period covering the '60s to the mid Seventies. The new (or, rather, improved) tactic is that of God never being seen or heard from while the angels get on with the task of seemingly keeping us up do date.

God, after all, is way too busy, although the angels may be more disposable than they think.

The coy "yes, but what if he stands" and "how can a leader not stand" arguments are stale and have, unfortunately cost Stravaraland three extremely competent Ministers. Why they have to leave, as no other candidate has been put forward by the now defunct Trinity, is anyone's guess, and a point brought up in a damn good post by Stratis

And in the interim, I suppose every sticky-fingered dog deserves to have its day.


Blogger nekatomenos said...

That's my issue with the whole affair- when Silikiotis, probably the single good thing that happened thanks to this administration, has to go, why the fuck should we care that Lillikas is going home? About time. I say let Tass take over the Foreign ministry as well- cut the middleman already.

10 July, 2007 20:10  
Blogger Noullis said...

Yes, but please bear in mind that Lillikas would probably make a great president in 2013. We need, therefore, to keep tabs on him. By doing so we may get a hint of what the future holds in store for us.

11 July, 2007 14:45  

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