July 03, 2007

On Critical Thinking

Developing the skill to critically examine news will unavoidably bring peace to Stravaraland. The inability to critically think and express oneself has been recently spotted by various commentators worrying about the exam results in modern Greek (of all subjects).

A new company in the U.S. does just that and I suggest to the minister of education (and culture) to just invite them over for a presentation. The company is partly named after an ancient Greek Great (Theseus) and will therefore be doubly popular as it will reconnect the modern Cypriots to the ancient glorious Greeks.

Now, I dont know whether I should take these lessons myself at such an old age. But it seems to me that TeePee seems to have done something dodgy with this gas business. The minister of trade says that, depsite all the experts have advised him against the production of gas at sea, he trusts best his "common sense".

TeePee's son happens to be a partner in the law firm (Tassos Papadopoulos and CIA) representing one of the companies bidding for a £1.5 billion project from the government, and Nicholas is at the same time in the appropriate parliamentary committee where this issue was discussed. In fact, he was actually being quoted in the media in his role as MP about this project, and his opinion was given a wide audience by the unsuspecting media (like Eleni Vretou) at the time. When at the same time, and without anyone knowing about it, he was corresponding with the bidding company. And probably, the only reason we know anything about this, is that The Kid decided to kick out the senior partner in the law office and usurp his (non-participating) father's name in the process. I don't know whether I need Theseus or not, but something smells fishy here, don't you think? Or am I turning into the English version of Mikellides, with all due respect?


Blogger drakouna said...

The only way to turn into Mikellides is to start describing our sex life too :)

03 July, 2007 14:40  
Blogger firfiris said...

Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark...

03 July, 2007 14:49  
Blogger Noullis said...

Theseus; as in getting rid of bull?

03 July, 2007 15:32  

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