June 28, 2007

Don't Mention the War

The Vassilis Palmas Stab at Journalism by an Overpaid Civil Servant Award of the Day goes to the brilliant little story from which we quote:
"...President Papadopoulos introduced the members of the Cypriot delegation to Mr.Mesic and the Croatian president introduced members of his delegation to President Papadopoulos

Subsequently, the two leaders entered the presidential palace, at the entrance of which a red carpet had been laid"
The entire fascinating story can be relished here.

What the CNA story does not tell us is whether anyone mentioned Milosevic, money laundering , or critical thought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah but how could you neglect mentioning these three journalistic scoops?

- The national anthems of the two countries were played by the Police Band. This must be a world first on a state visit.

- The two leaders inspected a detail of the National Guard. Ditto.

- The President of Croatia laid a wreath at the statue of Archbishop Makarios III. Now this isn't much of a scoop since, according to common Cypriot knowledge, more people in China know Makarios than Mao Zedong - but it's still reassuring to know that the Original Ethnarch lives in Croatia too.

28 June, 2007 18:03  
Blogger nekatomenos said...

hey, don't be mean, I think this is one of the few times in a while that the new Ethnarch has fooled around with a world leader that's NOT Assad or some African dictator.

28 June, 2007 18:33  
Blogger the Idiot Mouflon said...

Orthodox... zzzzbbbaaaaammmm (I have just been squashed by a giant nose)

28 June, 2007 21:05  
Blogger Sceptic Anonymous said...

I don't get this post. What are you trying to say? Even if we accept the whole story of Milosevic, I don't know the details but I do not exclude the possibility that Papadopoulos might have done something dirty with him, is true what are you getting at?
Do you think when Nixon went to China told them: "Hey guys can I tell you something funny? Back in the Korean War we thought to nuke you but in the end common sense prevailed".
What does critical thought has anything to do with this?
You might say that I defend Papadopoulos too much, but I don't mind. It is OK to slate him when he deserves it and there are a lot of issues to do so. But slating for the sake of slating what does it prove?
@ Nekatomenos When did Papadopoulos fooled around with some African dictator?

Finally this new Ethnarch business is to say the least silly. One guy in a newspaper desperate to sound funny comes up with it and you all copy paste it with uncritical glee.

29 June, 2007 15:15  
Blogger Noullis said...


1. It's not such a difficult post to get, really. Its "hook" is a banale, childish little CNA story to which a link is provided. As for anything "dirty", well, we don't want to invade the privacy of outstanding national leaders. What excatly are you implying? Something carnal, perhaps?

2. The Nixon analogy reminds me of the phrase: "pou ta mounnara ws ta pouttara, tziai kalws sas hbrame"

6. Critical thought allows us to slam anyone at any given time, whether warranted or not.

11. Nekatomenos is obviously a troublemaker and conveniently forgets the official visits of at least 20 world leaders to Cyprus.

4. We tried critical glee but it interfered with our thought process.

29 June, 2007 16:15  
Blogger Sceptic Anonymous said...

@ noullis

Obviously you are too clever for me since you possess this god given critical thought which allows you to slam anyone at any given time irrespective of petty matters like relevance.

My bad it won't be repeated.

29 June, 2007 17:18  
Blogger Noullis said...

It's acquired, not God-given

29 June, 2007 17:24  
Blogger Aceras Anthropophorum said...

Νομίζετε ότι στην ιδιωτικήν συνάντησην που είχαν οι δύο προέδροι, ο κύριος Μέσιτς εξήγησεν εις τον τάσσον πως κάμνεις μιαν πετυχημένην διχοτόμησην;

όσο για το σκουπ εν αλήθκεια σφίζει από περιεχόμενον. Άσε δε που είναι σίουρα copy-paste που τον προηγούμενον επισκέπτην

29 June, 2007 18:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Το σχόλιο του ΚΥΠΕ μοιάζει με τις εκθεσούλες που μας έβαζαν να γράφουμε στο δημοτικό, του στυλ "Πώς πέρασα το Σαββατοκυρίακο". Στα αγγλικά, για κάποιο λόγο, το σχόλιο φαίνεται ακόμα πιο γελοίο.
Όσο για το σχόλιο του Aceras, ο Τάσσος δεν χρειάζεται οδηγίες από άλλους για μια πετυχημένη διχοτόμηση, μέχρι τώρα φαίνεται να τα καταφέρνει μια χαρά και μόνος του.

30 June, 2007 12:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Wikipedia entry on Mesic:

"[Mesić] heavily criticized former President Franjo Tuđman's policies as nationalistic and authoritarian, lacking a free media and employing bad economics, while Mesić favored a more liberal approach to opening the Croatian economy to foreign investment."

It seems that Mesić has had a lot of experience dealing with TP types. But I guess it would be too naive of me to hope that he might explain the virtues of a democratic and liberal society to TP.

30 June, 2007 13:59  

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