June 26, 2007

Ed, You Cajun!!

Akis Cleanthous is an educational minister in the stravaraland (in picture above, not waering glasses). Mastre Akis is very confounded by the national high skool graduates exams and his+her resulting grade of 8 from the 20 in field of modern Grik! "no", he say, "no LOL, or :p) or hahahaha..."

Mastre Akis he is very dumbfundled and perspexed.

He is say that kidz who is many hours on Internet [ftou!] and SMSing[ftou!] WTF they want, they iz not making some critical Thought in their hed and soul.

40% average grade. Panayia mou, en antrapiken o shillos je empiken mes ton kafenen!

But he is already solvent the problem by explaining to the press that the problem is the lack of critical thought. Very appropri8 odience.

Maybe there is problem with kidz who spend time in skool not being encarriage to devlop Critical Thought, dude! Maybe this CT is frowned upon. CT could cause incumbent no re-elected.

Anyways the skool needs kids for teacher he+she make some salary and then make sunbathing. Is no plaice for lurning. Lurning is after school from private detective companies or something like that.

Dude, in the culture of the Stravaraland we have:
1. Teacher God and student obedient mortal
2. All Grik stuff correct and foreign peuples in finijes and no clothes
3. Word diavazo mean read + study. No seprashn of State + Chrch
4. Edukashn for later go university and get job in 'civil' service
Also mastre Akis he say that this problem of childs expressing starts from this lack of CT and is linked on fucktional illitirisy.

Go Aki, GO!!!


Anonymous m said...

Me also see/hear/view this on my tiVi set the night before today and me now scared to use my mobile telephone to sms, since this is inversely proportional to my critical thought ability.

So easy to blame technology... it's not the teachers, the system, the parents - of course not... Kids can't write cause they sms!

Let the parents of the children that have read just one book in the past month, be the first to take their mobile phone from them...

26 June, 2007 08:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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