June 19, 2007


Whoa, there, what's all this about The Times describing the Republic of Cyprus as Athens Backed? What is the High Commissioner in London going to do about the said mention in paragraph 2 of this little article?

And what's with The Argus putting the word occupied in quotes in this article?

What sort of foreign policy are we conducting here? How informed is this Times hack? How can Cherie Booth get away with referring to the TRNC in print? Time to send Lillikas to London maybe? Time to get our head waiter in London to cancel all reservations at Shistris Tavern?


Anonymous Γ.Ι said...

The Times link is not available.

20 June, 2007 13:17  
Blogger Noullis said...

You're absolutely right. The Times seem to have removed the article and have refused to answer our queries regarding the matter. We hereby award them the Vassilis Palmas Journalism of the Month Award.

Maybe we should stop complaining about Phileleftheros being so spineless

21 June, 2007 03:43  
Anonymous Γ.Ι said...

"Vassilis Palmas Journalism of the Month Award"

hahahahhhahh. thanks. you've made my day.

21 June, 2007 14:11  

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