June 09, 2007

Incognito in Europe

What would Saturdays be without a copy of Phileleftheros? Please, it's a rhetorical question. The rag occasionally sheds light on what the Last of the Mohicans are up to as well as reflecting national neuroses - or planting the seeds of subsequent ones straight from the patriotic research labs.

As the election campaign heats up with not a single official candidate in sight, we are given clues as to what neuroses will be exploited to get the faithful to vote as they're told. Being told is something that AKEL-ites take to very well indeed. Let's not forget that Stravaraland's Stalinist party - much like Al Qaeda - functions on a cell-system. But in order to make them believe they're voting one way or another for a good cause they need to be fed tasty garbage.

Garbage flavour: The flogged-to-death 'Yes' vs 'No' vote during the referendum argument. The implication building up at the moment is that heroic 'No' voters are gradually being victimised - a natural progression from being misunderstood and subsequently punished. The psychological effect is not unlike that of the masochist who takes a cold shower because he hates it. As Phileleftheros points out in a front page article today, there is a distinct danger of the pseudo-compensation committee in the pseudo-north being 'recognised' by the European Court of Human Rights. What the average voter does not see is this recognition, if it comes about, would merely be as a result of a national own goal. It's all part of the European Solution, peckerheads!

Is compensation not part of our demands when we redress the ECHR? Was compensation not part of our vindication? Was compensation not an essesntial material in paving the righteous path that runs up and down our moral high ground? Was Cyprus not recognised in 1960? Are we afraid we'll start getting de-recognised? Is the world against us? Does the argument that female porn stars have very small hands to make the male organ look much bigger than it actually is not hold anymore?

But screw getting all annoyed with the politicians who pander to the brain dead, Phileleftheros also offers a highly entertaining piece on the 250 Andreas Constantinou-s who are not allowed to cross to the pseudo-north. The piece is punctuated with some hillarious examples of how one can go about getting pseudo-blacklisted.

Is it not peculiar that the 3 people who hate the world liberal are Bush, Putin and TeePee?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small hands... all these years I was wondering about that...

09 June, 2007 19:51  

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