May 26, 2007

Disco Inferno

It's time to take a break from TV news. During a discussion regarding traffic offences a viewer called in to ask whether anything was to be done about a number of stray horses he almost ran into. The caller was from Paphos.

We had forest fires in Akamas. Little ones. Everyone was quick to point a finger at the residents of Inia. In their defence the good people of the wrongly accused village staged a protest in Paphos. One of the young lads at the protest mentioned soething about burning politicians in the forest and threatened the outbreak of World War 4. Another young man was wearing a large straw hat.

What happened to WWIII, you may well ask. Well, the people of Inia were oobviously aware of a certain pecking order when it comes to people threatening an outbreak of war. The ongoing buffoonery regarding the medieval regime of shopping hours and the question of who can sell what has recently made the owners of frutariums hopping mad. A spokesman for the greengoceries trhreatened the outbreak of World War 3.

No threat was made against Germany. A recent parliamentary move in that country to do something about the pseudo-north's pseudo-isolation was appplauded by Georges des Lilliques et d'Outres Meres who pointed out that the decision also mentioned a gradual withdrawal of Turkish troops from Stravaraland. According to The Cyprus Nyooz Agency, even TeePee thought it was a pretty OK:
Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos said here Friday it was important that a Bundestag resolution, calling for the lifting of the so-called isolation of the Turkish Cypriots, was not binding for the German government.
I wonder if the governmnet has confused the Bundestag for the Bundesliga?

"... burn, baby, burn... disco infernooooo...."


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