May 20, 2007

Una Fatsa, Una Ratsa...

Stravaralanders of the world,

do not heed your leaders when they tell you you cannot travel to Turkey...

Your Cypriot pounds are most welcome, starting from the 10 pound/10 euro fee depending on the change at the visa counter at the airport, to the Turkish salesman who speaks Greek to you and tells you that his father was from Salonika and his mother was from Serres, with him establishing the infamous Serez Souvenirs...

But dont forget to bargain, whether at the souvenir shop or when pre-ordering your tsipoura or barboun at the restaurant. Have your kelle right and your basksish ready and you will be most welcome... Try the myriad different ways of making kiofte, and smell the spices that have survived to our very own Stravaraland.

Stravaralanders of the world,

See the light and realize that peace is sweeter than hatred, hatred coming from the brainless and criminal brainwashing we have all been subjected to en masse...

We do not go for appeasement of the neighboring giant, but we dont go for the brainless stalemate policy of TeePee Da Man...

From Izmir, once known as Smyrni,

For Stravara Mas

One Apodimos Stravaralander


Anonymous Incus said...

Do not worry fellow apodime stravaralander. No Tee Pee, Tommy B or any other faschist and shovinist element in stravaraland is going to keep brainwashing me and the rest of my kind!That is ... the human kind.
Enjoy your tee and ekmek kataifi in Izmir

20 May, 2007 21:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's no place like Istanbul.

20 May, 2007 22:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well put! Enjoy it!

21 May, 2007 11:31  
Blogger zappa said...

Istanbul for ever apodime, you treacherus, yes-chanting, undp-founded, pig-like-me

21 May, 2007 17:58  

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