June 01, 2007

Multiple Choice Question

A day after the 2004 Great Patriotic Referendum, TeePee and The Gang, thought they should take advantage of so many foreign journalists being on the island and called a press conference for the international press to explain the government's position. Specifically, TeePee wanted to explain how the No vote on the G/C part was a rational response to an unfair plan.

One of the journalists asked whether the climate in the upcoming EU meeting (the first for Stravaraland) would be a bit cold for him. The response of the President of Stravaraland was one (but not both) of the two following options:

1) I did what I felt was right for my country. Whether other countries like that or not does not matter, since my main concern and duty lies with the G/C electorate.

2) What do you mean the climate will be cold? The waiter will come around and not serve me?

What do you think the correct answer to this historical trivia question is?


Blogger Noullis said...

It was neither of the respomses listed. What TeePee actually told the world's press was:

"ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce to the world that, thanks to my eroic efforts, we have just caught...Mitas"

01 June, 2007 19:35  

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