July 02, 2007

Blazing Glory

When it comes to hysterical media, no other outfit can match CyBC. This hysteria reached its peak during the weekend's forest fires, described in terms ranging from catastrophe to national tragedy. Yes, the fire that ravaged 12 square kilometres, is indeed a major blow to Stravaraland, but please, let us keep things in context instead of wallowing in masochistic melodrama.

The various correspondents and anchors stopped short of claiming that the planet's ecosystem was to be permanently affected.

They must have had a great time tracking down various ministers and officials on their cellphones, although for no apparent reason. "No", the minister of finance said at one stage,"I'm still on the way to the Rodon Hotel", so that potential interview (which no doubt would have involved the anchor asking such banale questions as "do they seem upset...have they eaten...are any of them crying...are any of them left-handed...any sweaty cleavage in sight...?") was cut short and we went straight to one of the more hysterical correspondents who started blurting out some insane little story of doubtful factual origin regarding a man in his 70s who would not budge from his village, not yet engulfed by flames; "imagine being told you have to leave your home....you're in your 70s.....you may never have left the village in your life..."

Well, sister, that was a unique opportunity for you to give the viewers a break by commandeering a CyBC vehicle and showing pappou what is left of the island after the tragic national disaster - in one fell, humanitarian, swoop. Travel, after all, broadens the mind. Or so some claim.

Of course, by Monday the taxpayer-financed station was gleefully blowing its own trumpet and beating its own drum. Their ratings lead, we were told, was substantial. Thanks to their coverage of the disaster their rivals were left choking in the broadcasting ashes. Up to 40% of viewers tuned in to watch their heroic coverage that lasted forever!

I'm sure the evacuees from the affected villages will feel really proud of the small role they played in helping out the national broadcaster achieve such stellar ratings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in the car on Friday afternoon listening to RIK's hysterics. A man actually had to call the station to set the record straight. Apparently RIK's correspondent had stated that everything from Saittas to Karvounas "έγινε κάρβουνο". The man had a house just below Karvounas and he said that everything was clear below him all the way down to Amiandos.

By this time I got home and turned on the TV, only to listen to the owner of Tsiakkas winery who also felt the need to call RIK after the y erroneously reported that his winery had been engulfed by flames.

Someone pass the Pulitzer, please.

02 July, 2007 23:08  
Blogger Noullis said...

Yiannis Nicolaou of CyBC really outdid himself on Monday, though, while involved win a live Mutual Admiration Society puff piece with Photis.

"...we even had phone calls telling us we're all useless...they were suggesting that MPs and journalists go out there and pput the fire out....some even went as far as to ask why Turkey was not asked for help? ...'Is it because you don't want a solution'..."

And people tell me to take it easy with the booze!!

03 July, 2007 16:56  

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