July 04, 2007

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Oooops... someone at CyBC switched to commercials, half way through one of Anastasiades' rants on the Kenevezou show. As she assured the public that the somewhat suspect flip of the switch was accidental, Kenevezou remains on our presidential poll.

Of course the L.N.G. question - (the £1.5 billion question, that is) came up. Morticia, as she is known to her die-hard fans, challenged Anastasiades to spill the beans as to who he feels may be skimming off this project.

Now, let's get a few things straight, here, shall we? First of all, even if he knew the identity of the sticky-fingered bandits, there would be at least 138 reasons not to be foolish enough to name names on the air. Secondly, and more importantly, though, Anastasiades did suggest that the press ought to hound officials until someone out there give the people an acceptable response for the sake of glasnost. Whoa, his tongue was about to break through his cheek!

La Keneveze then insisted that CyBC did pursue such stories. Yes, indeed, she then went on to say, they reported what ... Pourgourides had to say on the matter. Hmmm, yeah... OK.


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