July 12, 2007

Bus Drivers, Football and Parliament

Here we are, 2 days before La Quatorze Juillet and lots of little things happening here and there keep this from being a slow day. The statement of the day has to go to Nicos Anastassiades who described the Trinity supporting TeePee as obviously having been like a bus with three drivers. One of them, according to Nicos got scared at the prospect of the bus heading for a crash and jumped off. This brings us to the lateral YouTube link of the day, which also has a co-driver theme.

In another development, our national fervour and vigillance has managed to stop Luton Town F.C. from recognising the pseudostate. Stravaraland 1 - Luton Town/Chentikaya 0. Yes yes we should all be proud of our victories in the world of international diplomacy. What if Luton had arrived in Larnaca and driven north? Would this also have constituted an affront to the existence of the Republic?

And the lucky MPs of the land tell us they have lots of work to do and must therefore spend the entire day in a building that has genereators to back up the dodgy mains Air Conditioning. They're going to pass 7 billion laws and go home to crash out very very late at night. The next parliamentary season ought to be transmitted by the highest bidder. An arena can be built on the grounds of the old hospital to accommodate the thousands of fans who'll watch the proceedings on giant screens. Charge the masses and keep their taxes down, I say.

The shock announcement of the day however came when Prodromos Prodromou and his entire party threw their collective weight behind Kassoulides' presidential bid


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