February 02, 2007

Lillikas, The White Knight

We learnt today that George Lillikas, in one of his first acts as minister of trade, cancelled a secret memorandum of understanding between the previous minister, Nicos Rolandis, and the current resident of the White House, George Bush. The secret memorandum had neither been approved by the council of ministers in Stravaraland, nor had it been seen by the Attorney General. Nevertheless, it stated that the Bush family would have a monopoly of Stravaraland's petroleum, if and when petroleum were to be found.

We are not in a position to know whether the secret memorandum covered petroleum byproducts such as vaseline, as well. But do not worry. The new White Knight of Stravaraland, TeePees's golden boy, has cancelled the offending memorandum unilaterally and thus saved the Land. The Petroleum is ours and we are going to do with it as we please, no need for imperialist Yanks to be involved, and we are clearly going to have open competitive bids and auction off our stuff to the highest bidder, not give it away for free, as Rolandis was planning to do (for his own reasons, of course).

And if Rolandis does not stop writing letters to the press about four stories and 2 funerals he will very soon find out whose funeral we'll be attending. The White Knight is only now begun his crusade, and he has not even made it into any of Tommy 2.0's dreams yet!


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