January 26, 2007

Who's Mooning Whom?

All it takes is watching the entire evening news bulletin on CyBC. It's the closest one can come to getting a lobotomy without so much as asking for anaesthetic. These people definitely live on their own planet. Enough with referring to the new Secretary General as Mr. Moon. It's Mr. Ban, you half-wits.

.... da da da da blares some royalty-free music, swish and slash go a couple of clumsy graphics on the TV and on comes the hysteria... some guy on a motorbike was forced off the road in a "professional" manner as he was on his way to murder the entire youth of Cyprus armed with 3 kilos of the deadliest cannabis known to man... "fortio thanatou" [cargo of death]... da da da waa waa... more pukey graphics.... "The head of the International Organisation not only retracted his words but apologized in public..."... Yeah Baby!!

Cheesy graphics of an oil rig.... da da lalalala... impending riches over the horizon type of music.... and suddenly the Chinese ambassador pops up and tells us that his country is very interested in drilling for oil off the Stravaraland coast... then we have some minister who must be acquainted with some motorcycle cargo death cult member mumbling on about no decisions having yet been made [yeah, obviously the media were alerted...duh!!] and that the process takes time and soon the entire world will be able to bid for drilling rights.... Yeah, right, moon us from a passing beemer!

And to top it all off we've got people going on and oooooon about the billions that Greek Cypriots spend gambling in the geographical location that is not south... The plan, Stan? Well, from what I gathered, Rikkos is going to dress up as a nun and whip the bad boys who visit casinos in the part of the island where there are casinos. While Cleanthous wants to implement a plan whereby people will snitch on gamblers in court, thus grinding 40 casinos to a halt and saving thousands of families and keeping the fabric of society well starched. Then they can all piss off to the horse races or buy a lottery ticket or hand over their salaries to Kammouyiaros. Appppomenos also said something on the matter but I was too busy having a THC withdrawal fit to notice what the plump boy was trying to say. Does he look stoned half the time, or half-stoned all the time?

The archbishop made no statements. Bummer.


Blogger To Hlithio Agrino said...

The same Idiots that cannot claim their Halloumi are trying to convince us about how they're going to manage OIL... Methinks they must be on something a lot stronger than THC... PCP maybe?

26 January, 2007 22:13  
Blogger To Hlithio Agrino said...

He (T2) did... today...

27 January, 2007 14:46  

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