January 19, 2007

The Mouse That Bored

What's with all this attention some obscure rag called To Kypriako Pontiki is getting? I caught part of the Yiannakis Nicolaou hysteria show on CyBC just prior to souvlaki. The white-socked dork was interpreting a letter that had been published by the mouse-dropping rag..."a letter full of caustic humour" Yiannakis says and then goes on to read some brainless shit about a man who's wondering whether it would be within his rights to slash lorry tyres the next time he has a grievance. The dog sitting at my feet drew a blank stare as she has never been into mouse related humour and is not really partial to Ayia Napa waiters getting air time.

Why does this man feel the need to explain everything including questions he is about to ask?

By the time Apomenos Apomenou appeared sporting an Arafat beard I had to leave in search of souvlaki.

Why does Lambros - accross the road from Ayios Andreas elementary school - have a giveaway clock from the Cyprus Postal Service. How much did these clocks cost the taxpayer? What's the point? How much money did someoone's relative make on the deal? Why were there 2 tremors in Paphos today?


Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

Apomenos Apomenou should be

Appomenos Appomenou...

19 January, 2007 19:21  
Anonymous m said...

Lambros has a clock from the postal service? Postal services in Cyprus should keep their f-ing clocks, maybe it'll help them sort shit out and get it delivered in a timely manner...

19 January, 2007 22:56  

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