January 16, 2007

Religious Economic Nationalism

It was high time Stravaraland got the archbishop it deserved. From advising Nick to come back to the national council for the sake of unity, from further advising that unity is more important than disagreement with TeePee, he now decides to offer his views on how the banking system should be organized.

Actually, he is right that BoC should not be sold to Marfin-Laiki but for completely the wrong reasons. I guess I should be interpreting that as something positive. He is right, and this will not be allowed to happen, because a bank cannot control close to 70% of the banking system, the Competition Commission first and the Central Bank second will both stop this process.

But what is the reasoning of our Chief of Bishops?

"Archbishop of Church of Cyprus, Chrysostomos B’, announced on Tuesday that the Church will proceed to investments in Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank, reiterating its appeal to maintain their ownership regime so long as the Cyprus problem remain unsettled.
The Church will proceed to investments in both banks so as not to be taken by foreigners. While the Cyprus problem remains unsettled, the banks must be left unhindered to handle the economic issues of the country. Our banking system is perfect and when the Cyprus issue is solved within the framework of globalization, many companies will arrive and will merge with our companies. The banks must remain undisturbed”.

So, all you foreigners who wish to invest in Stravaraland so that you can spend your billions and then give us for free to the enemy, all of you will not succeed because Tommys B is watching. Yes, we have a Bishop and we have an Arch Bishop and he is strong and ready, come on you speculators, come on in and you will see what the Man of God, the Protector of the Meek, will do to you! But do not even think of starting to build a stake because he will buy it all then from you, whatever the price, whatever the cost! Come on you speculators of the world, you think you can outwit our Chief of Bishops? He is telling you, he will pay anything as long as the majority stakes do not end up in foreign hands! What are you waiting for? And Fear not! The purse goes all the way to Kykkos monastery and the CEO has been appointed for life! How long the wealth of the Church will last is another matter!

originally posted by Apodimos Kypreos


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a stravaralander i am very proud and i feel safe and secure knowing that we have an arch-bishop with the arch-ithkia tou stand up for his people.

Ttommy, ttommy, his our man, if he can't do it the barbarians will have our ass

16 January, 2007 22:36  
Blogger drakouna said...

So the Church will start selling χωραφούθκια to finance its new all-Cypriot investmet plans??

Κύριε Ελέησον!!!

17 January, 2007 13:07  
Blogger zappa said...

Capitalists......and then they ask me wgy I dont like AKEL, and why I am both a trotskyist and an atheist.....

17 January, 2007 15:21  
Blogger zappa said...

btw seems that kaykon from politis is actually reading you lads


17 January, 2007 17:55  

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