January 04, 2007

The Rule of Law

We all know by now how the Cyprus Problem will be solved in a big legal treatise that will spell out all the possible outcomes and preserve everyone's human rights for ever.

The following is an instructive example of the difficulties faced by this view. A Russian woman was arrested in November at the crossing and taken to court for having paid a deposit to buy a villa being built on a G/C's land. This woman had an 18-month old baby back in Moscow but all the newspapers of the land made a big deal of how her passport was taken away so that she could not escape her trial, how she posted 50 thousand pounds to avoid staying in prison until the trial and how she faced up to seven years behind bars.
Reports of the first day in court were widely covered in the press.

Now our sources place an Embassy person (from a country to remain unnamed) being actively present during all these proceedings. Now this country happens to be one of those "important and friendly countries" in Stravaraland's Struggle for Justice.

Now our sources also tell us that the Attorney General has stopped proceedings against the Russian (I guess on humanitarian grounds), yet none of the local newspapers have covered the route this story has taken (not yet anyway, too many things were happening during the festive holiday season anyway, from the bridge, to the street murders, to taking down all the symbols, our journalists have their plate full)...

Now, if for such a simple issue the rule of law is being compromised and completely silenced, what hope can one have that following the rule of law blindly will ever resolve the political problem of Stravaraland?

originally posted by Apodimos Kypreos


Blogger To Hlithio Agrino said...

Here, following the Blind IS the Rule of the Law

05 January, 2007 12:02  

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