December 22, 2006

So Near and Yet So Far

Although I think "so far, so good" is probably what he's thinking.


Blogger Pikifrinos said...

Ma san na blepw ta sunora mas tis Keruneias sto ba8os;

22 December, 2006 15:16  
Anonymous Photini said...

That dastardly pseudo bridge is still there, covering up pseudo military positions so no opening of the Ledra Street crossing this year. Let Shacolas and the other shopkeepers whine but the Turkish Cypriots will just have to go the long way round to do their shopping, ditto our lot looking for pseudo bargains and cheap potatoes. Or is it our cheap potatoes ... Whatever.

22 December, 2006 19:08  
Blogger Giorgio said...

Ivta wraia pou evi etsi xorismeva... tzivi potzei emeis poda... mia xara eimaste.

22 December, 2006 19:11  
Anonymous leo said...

I am the king of the wooooooorld

22 December, 2006 19:26  
Blogger To Hlithio Agrino said...

"...and then Clerides says...", ehehehe, "...Clerides says to Verhoygen...", ehehhehheeee, " ...of course we will, rest assured...", ahhahheeehhee," ...and then... ", gasp, "...then Vasileiou says...", gasp, "...NO PROBLEM...", aaahhhaaahhaaahhhaahhheeeeeeeeeemmmmgggfffff... deep breath

22 December, 2006 20:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A pseudoBridge Too Far?

22 December, 2006 23:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Τάσσος: "Ακου να θέλουν να ανοίξουν το οδοφραγμα. Τξιαι πόθθεν εννα δείχνουμε στους ξένους το αξιοθέατο της κατοχής. Πέρκει ενν τους αναδόξει να χαλάσουν το γιοφυρούιν γιατί τί δικαιολογία θα έβρουμεν τότε να πούμε αλλόναν ΟΧΙ..."

Εϊβα κοπέλλια γύρτε άλλη μια, έχουντο οι μέρες!

25 December, 2006 11:19  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

Apparently those dastardly T/C want to advertize in our newspapers like Shakolas and Orphanides and Jumbo do in their newspapers....

With what right do they want that?

On Radio today, Christmas day, someone wished well to all his fellow fighters of 1963... His wish was that we all go back to pre-1963 Stravaraland...

Now I say this guy should be told to say every waking day

Eimasten GAAROI

100 times each day every day, then once he really understands the concept go down to the Presidential Palace and sing it to the current occupant until they both realize what they are, what they have done and what they are re-doing....

25 December, 2006 17:43  

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