December 08, 2006


Please excuse any inaccuracies in the following translation and piece, as I have quite a[burp]tly taken to drinking again. The problem was not focus related. It seems the monitor was switcgrf orff... offf.

Soooo...we have and we say. where is it... ok:
"Ο Πρόεδρος Παπαδόπουλος είπε ότι τον εξέπληξε η θερμότητα με την οποία οι Κινέζοι επίσημοι εκδήλωσαν τις θέσεις τους υπέρ της Κύπρου, οι οποίοι, όπως είπε, παραδοσιακά είναι πολύ συγκρατημένοι στις δηλώσεις τους.
Presidenk pppapadopoulos said he ws pleasantly shocked at the temperature with which the official china people expresses their seats in the favour of Cyprus. This is because they are usually very preservd
''Πήρα τη διαβεβαίωση όλων ότι για την Κίνα το Κυπριακό αποτελεί πολύ σημαντικό θέμα'', είπε ο Πρόεδρος Παπαδόπουλος"
My inbox contains over 1.2 billion e-mails from all the chinese in resposive to my kweschun..."re, is Cyprus important to China?". Their ansqwer was an undefibrillated "YES!"

I'm tired now but if you want you can read all of this in its original form in greek or in english.

Wait, wait, don't go yet. The story concludes with a reminder that the presdent rewturns tomorrow at 11:25 on a special flight which makes 3 stops on the way. Aha, yes, verimportant. sorry almost forgot.



Blogger Demetris said...

When is he off for his Xmas holidays?

Be Happy and Drink Well, like the priests say.

08 December, 2006 20:00  
Blogger Giorgio said...

Basika, to Kypriako problnma apasxolei tous Kivezous oso mas apasxolei emas to problnma pou exouv oi Amerikavoi sta sivora me tiv Tijuana dipla pou to San Diego, pou ppidouv oi illegal immigrants pou ta ttelia mesa stnv Amerikn. Av erketouv o governor tis California sti Kypro, ishe va pei "Everybody assured me that the illegal immigrants issue with Tijuana is considered a very important issue"
8ee mou... its so pathetic to be governed by zoppovortous...

09 December, 2006 23:17  

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