December 07, 2006

Sweet Smell of Success

The BBC reports today that Turkey has agreed to open a port and an airport to traffic from Cyprus:
'Two-way deal'

A Finnish spokesman said it was not clear whether Turkey's offer met the EU's demands. Turkish officials said they would not disclose the details of the offer - like which port and airport were involved, or when they might be opened.

However, Turkey's Anatolia news agency said the offer depended on the EU ending the isolation of Turkish-controlled breakaway northern Cyprus, by allowing trade through Ercan airport and the port of Famagusta.

A Turkish foreign ministry source was quoted by Reuters as saying: "This is a two-way deal. We would require the same number of airports and ports to be opened on each side."

Now you tell me, is this what Flying Liilique achieved in Paris? Sounds like a great compromise, Chris Pash will hail it as the new achievement of the land if it gets implemented. Nothing bad can come of the inspired policy of this Presidency!

originally posted by Apodimos Kypreos


Blogger Demetris said...

"Chris Pash will hail it as the new achievement of the land if it gets implemented"

Spot the key word.

07 December, 2006 12:52  
Blogger Noullis said...

less than 3 letters and starting with 'i' but not ending with 't'...?


07 December, 2006 12:59  
Blogger To Hlithio Agrino said...

I remember when... before going to New York, where the decision for negotiations on Anan Plan & the referendum were "inserted"... tASSOS was saying "we are prepared... Turkey is just up to its usual 'epikinoniaka pexnidia'... no worries mate" (well, almost)

Chris Pash ... before the current series of negotiations about "accession" also said "we are prepared..."

BE PREPARED for another big bloody mess... which of course will result in a ludicrous defeat of Lillikas "strategy" and will be prsented as a glorious victory...


just the usual "dead end" which is soooooo convenient for the Malarkey Alliance.

07 December, 2006 13:25  

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