November 30, 2006

Travel Trouble

Despite Andreas Drakos coming close to being lynched after his appearance at the Helios hearings, not all travel related news was pleasant. Some of it weird, perhaps, and some of it enough to send people into the sort of panic that only greek yoghurt on supermarket shelves can cause.

First, we have the latest twist related to the Litvinenko murder investigation from a British Airways announcement. It would be a good idea to check the flight numbers if any of you happened to be on a BA flight between Larnaca and London in November. According to the airline:
"British Airways has been advised that three of its Boeing 767 short haul aircraft have been identified by the UK government as part of the investigation into the death of Alexander Litvinenko.

The airline was contacted last night (Tuesday, November 28) by the government. It has taken the three B767s out of service to enable forensic examination to be carried out."

While relatives of the Helios crash victims were about to give Drakos something to remember, Haris Thrassou was having a chat with his Egyptian counterpart. Stravaraland's minister in charge of civil aviation and boats was told that there's plenty of ferry traffic between Egypt and Saudi Arabia and that he should tell enterpreneurs in Cyprus to take advantage of the 1.2 million people sailing between these two countries. Thrassou promised to pass on the message. So, if you have a ferry and want to make some extra money give Haris a call at 22 800102.

But the best piece of travel news of the day came courtesy of the Cyprus 'News' Agency and, as a bonus, also involves our armed forces helping to oversee elections (not peacekeeping, Perdiki, so calm down.) This time it seems we're going to be sending 2 National Guard officers to the Congo. I would have thought sending a couple of priests would have been more appropriate. Hmm, maybe not...

The 4th paragraph of the press release, by the way, is an absolute classic.


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