November 24, 2006

Dudes, Where's Your Site? - [updated 30.11]

Damn! By the time you read an article online, the circus moves out of cybertown. Well, almost. Upon reading a Politis article on the brave lads and lasses who call themselves Ε.Φ.Ε.Ν (a "nationalistic" little outfit, curiously named after a radio frequency band) I just had to check out their goofy site. But once you get to it, all you find [*] is a notice that the domain name is simply parked there. No, not taken down in a hurry or anything like that. Just parked. Of course there are also a few turkish-inspired ads in that little parking lot which I'm sure the brave warriors will deal with once they're done with their coke.

Now, how the hell are they going to liberate Cyprus (and subsequently Byzantium, no doubt) if along their merry way to war they simply pull over, park their war machine and take a break for a sandwich, coke and a burp?

But there are still remnants of this site here and there. A couple of cached files on Google - dating back to last week - but sadly missing the patriotic snapshots and groovy music I read about. An old version of the site exists on a U.S. mirror if you want to waste some time but it's nothing to e-mail home about.

The Politis article states that this little fascist outfit is behind the bullying and beating that took place at the English School the other day. But I'm not going to mention any of that for two very good reasons: Chris Pashiardis has instructed the people of Stravaraland not to mention such isolated incidents and if I do, I'll never be given that job he promised me, to head the Cyprus News Agency.

Now try and remember kids, if it's an isolated incident: no talking about it after class. I wonder if this includes natural disasters or just bigotry-related acts.

[*] The cowardly liberators and their site are back online. I suppose someone must have told them that taking it down simply implied guilt. I don't know whether they will continue on their course of liberating Cyprus by beating on children, but I do know that they plan to sue anyone who spreads nasty rumours about them. We are not spreading rumours - we're simply calling them assholes, as do some others who are sick and tired of their bullshit.


Anonymous ChrisPash said...

Dear Noullis,

please do not test my patience during these hard times for the land and our people. Especially if you are serious about the CNA job.


Chr. Pash.

24 November, 2006 18:27  
Blogger Demetris said...

Hahahaha! Oh my god! They are gone! Running scared you fascists? But I though you had nothing to do with it - and what's more you were standing under the banner of 'freedom to ideology' when you were shouting your nationalistic hip-hop crap!!! Should have downloaded it gamwto!! Has anyone?
I wonder who actually told them to hold their e-horses?
Do you mean they have their own ability to think??
E, Noulli, could it be your friend Pashairdis, one way or another?

24 November, 2006 18:55  
Blogger Noullis said...

Can't you just hear that phone call?
"..A? Na to fyoumen to gouepsa.i.n? Ma giati, o.i. e88a poumen kanenou oti epkaate mas thlefwno... en OK...nai nai tafos"

Brave little shits, arent't they?

All I know is that I'm now in perilous danger for using their little 'entrance' graphic the way I have. Whatever you do don't click on it.

@Chris Pash. Sorry, dude it was just a little isolated outburst.

24 November, 2006 19:16  
Blogger Demetris said...

@ noullis : Serefe!!

24 November, 2006 19:20  
Anonymous valentinos said...

alternatively you can pay a visit to the old website these delusional bigots maintained right here.

25 November, 2006 00:15  
Blogger Noullis said...

Thanks. I guess I should have mentioned 'old mirror'. The link is at the bottom of para 3. It's just like the rest of the links - strawberry surprise. The surprise being there's no strawberries!

Just ignore me. It's not beer time for me yet in this hemisphere =:-)

25 November, 2006 00:29  
Anonymous valentinos said...

oh shit, itan na me akkasei. stravara mana mou, stravara! ;)

25 November, 2006 01:12  
Blogger Noullis said...

click quick, blink and you're (relatively safe). don't worry about the red stuff as:

1. It's looking for it brother, black
2. It doesn't stain
3. Kropotkin was from Kalopanayiotis

25 November, 2006 01:19  
Blogger Demetris said...

Ma touto en pou to jairo ris 'haras kai tis perifanias'! And check this out: the archibishop-yet-not-quite inaugurted them back then in Limassol, bless him.

25 November, 2006 01:19  
Anonymous valentinos said...

References to "red and black" and kropotkin. Noullis, are you trying to seduce me? Because if you are, I should warn you that i've already had half a bottle of scotch and you are saying all the right this--you are half way there.

25 November, 2006 05:28  
Anonymous valentinos said...

*all the right things, even*

25 November, 2006 05:29  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

Apparently EFEN has its offices at a building near the great statue of the greatest leader down by the Archbishop's place. In fact, the office is at a building owned by the Church and run by the Archbishop and one of our great Archbishops had given EFEN the space after an appointment with God himself. God liked the double-headed eagle that they had in the center of the Greek Flag with the big cross in the middle and dutifully provided them with space to promote their activities. But our newly elected Archbishop Tommys Bou has promised to meet with their leader and kick them out if they dont change their beliefs and their methods. It is up to you to figure out which of the above is true and which is false, but let me tell you in advance that not everything arose in my imagination...

25 November, 2006 11:41  
Blogger Noullis said...

Yes but would Proudhon have seemed so seductive? Although his approach would be more appropriate when it comes to the EFES warriors

You're just trying to stir trouble and imply that Tommy TwoTime is someho encouraging them. He's their spiritual leader, dude, he's carrying on a tradition of Cypriot Leaders with their own little militias. Shame he chose such a shabby bunch

25 November, 2006 16:17  
Anonymous valentinos said...

His pansy non-violence approach? They would LOVE him!

25 November, 2006 20:15  
Anonymous m said...

from the site: "Επειδή η διζωνική δικοινοτική ομοσπονδία για την Κύπρο είναι ένα περίπλοκο πολιτικο-συνταγματικό μόρφωμα, παγκόσμια μοναδικό, οικονομικά ασύμφορο και άδικο."

Basically, federation is complicated, so it is not a good system. Mana mou re... too complicated for you..? (all the other "reasons" are crap - financially it is more viable).

26 November, 2006 14:40  
Blogger Noullis said...

Actually, as Stravoxylo pointed out to me, their whole rant on bizonal federation is almost identical to someone else's - but without the tears.

26 November, 2006 22:43  

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