November 24, 2006

Big Brave Bullies Behind the Bullies?

The background story seems to be consistent. Two pre-teens involved in a bit of a spat and one of them spat. The spat grew out of proportion, thanks to Simerini and Machi, who really ought to be brought up on charges of inciting a riot.

The question is, however, who put the snot-nosed little shits up to invading the English School grounds and attacking a number of Turkish Cypriot kids. Hey, your average thug-in-training would never show the initiative of gathering a little gang of kotsirouthkia wthout being inspired and encouraged by an elder.

And while gleaning press reports a few interesting facts crop up like the indication that the Turkish Cypriot kids tend to huddle together during breaks and hang out in the turkish language classroom. A case of separate but equal as Apodimos Kypreos rightly points out.

The whole 'story' involving crosses, religion and Turkish Cypriots getting a free ride was also being peddled a few years ago but without much success. I guess it took the two rags mentioned above a few years to get their stories nice and juicy enough, as they were obviously penned by people who still move their lips as they read.

Our tip of the hat to drakouna who has initiated a lively discussion under the heading[s] K.K.K.


Blogger Demetris said...

You might as well check the names of those prosecuted - but not charged on grounds of logic, yes, logic- a couple of years ago. One in particular keeps creeping up. Then you could, using logic, put a geograhical two and two together and end up with a full house in hand. But would you?

And is it true we as Stravaralnders have no law against direct or indirect incitement to violence?

24 November, 2006 01:42  
Blogger Noullis said...

I'm not quite sure. There is this curious article 51(1) but I think that has to do with running away without paying after bonking a hooker.

There's plenty of laws about swearing, insulting officers or the government but we need to ask a lawyer if journalists acting like malakes> can be brought up with charges.

24 November, 2006 19:37  
Blogger Demetris said...

Has the Dark Journalist ever been 'gifted' with a hooker? I mean, mourmoura mourmoura pws ton pianoun oi kaoures jame pouktw pou varei, mian pou tis efimerides jai mian pou ta radia, prepei na evrethiken kanenas servitoros na tou emitsokamise, jai na ta ediplohrewsen allou. Can we ask a lawyer for that? Or maybe an accountant? Paei jai efedros.
Just an aporia...

25 November, 2006 01:39  
Blogger Noullis said...

we'd probably need a mediocre accountant with a good lawyer. Or maybe just a wunch of bankers.

the word verification for this one said - wflga - I make this be known so that the Chinese authorities stop pestering google everytime they need info on something.

ooops! off topic!

Xate elate poda sto Red Hook na pkioumen kamian mpyra sto 'Old Pioneer'

25 November, 2006 01:52  

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