November 14, 2006

Thank You

Things happen. Good things, bad things and just about everything in between, with the obvious exception of that ever-elusive European Solution. This blog celebrated its first anniversary a couple of days ago. It would not have survived without the support of the core members of a once heroic online presence that simply says temporarily out of service these days, as it hibernates on a server somewhere out there and yet still inspires.

It was a year and a few days ago that Giorgio wrote TeePee, Da Man's unauthorised biography which will continue to inspire future generations of Stravaralanders as they, in turn, take over the unhealthy task of awaiting the legendary EuroSol.

So the whole damn thing came to a grinding halt in March. So what? It was revived in August and since then we've been having a ton of fun. Thanks to all of you who take the time to contribute, drop by, leave us a comment and to the thousands of people in Stravaraland who inspire us regularly - each in their own way.

Oh, and by the way, please watch out for Giorgio's comments but bear in mind that they can't all be removed. He has rejoined the roll of contributors in his role as karmic advisor after having been accidentaly removed a few months ago. Of course he didn't even notice that little error.

Ela kentron, eshei kamian koursa?


Anonymous m said...

Edw kentron, tipote en eshei. Na baloume kontra me ta peripolika?

Na zhsete!

14 November, 2006 08:20  
Blogger Giorgio said...

Ela kevtrov... paw kakopetria yia stafilia. Toutov ev to siv8imatiko oti paei yia koumari. 11 tn vuxta paei yia stafilia imish to ktnvov. Ela kevtrov, tziame sto dali eshi mabropoulous, siv8imatiko yia radar...
Ate koumpare Noulln ws paratzei me tiv bon8eia tou Ayiou Pafou kai Pasis Kyprou Xrisostomou...

14 November, 2006 08:24  
Anonymous Tzim said...

Yeah, I remember the great radio silence that lasted for months! Every time I came by to see if anything new had gone up I just saw Christofias's fat old melon head topped with his queer bouffant! Not nice. You are lucky I stuck around at all. Still, since then you have made up for it. Keep it going this time!

14 November, 2006 16:53  
Blogger Pikifrinos said...

ela kentro...efua koursa pou disko8ikes paw agalma...kkksshhh...aurio eshei pertitzi...kkkshhhh...paw na ppesw...
na zisei i stravara...panta stis epal3eis...kontra stin perirreousa...tze sikkime opou katsei 4...tze an katsei tze to paroli ton allo mina enna kamw live anametadosi pou to palio aerodromio leukwsias tze pou tin tympou....

14 November, 2006 22:36  

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