November 02, 2006

No to Anarchy, No to Choice

Great progress has been made in the European Nation-State of Stravaraland regarding shopping hours. It is with great pride that we can announce to the rest of the world that shops will remain shut on Wednesday afternoons after 2 PM to honour our colonial past, which is when that little brainless regulation first came into effect. On Saturdays, the people of Stravaraland will have the privilege of being allowed to shop till 3 PM.

According to the shopkeepers' association, POVEK (glory be to them), anyone breaking the law, by keeping their shops open until they bloody well feel like it, will only contribute to "anarchy and chaos".



Anonymous m said...

Being the disciplined and organized people that we are what did you expect?

02 November, 2006 21:03  
Blogger Noullis said...

Indeed we are. Pik is now past of a painful past and here in Cyprus we're still hanging on to the past, sloth and small mindedness.

Viva the the only Third World Member of the EU.

03 November, 2006 10:34  

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