October 21, 2006

Count Me Out

Why is the Jack of All Trades urgently needed in London?

The answer lies in The Economist's Leader on Turkey of October 20, 2006. As far as Tee Pee is concerned, this is an important and respected magazine - but only when it suits TeePee.

And now Brussels is threatening to suspend entry talks unless Turkey fulfils its promise to open its ports and airports to the [Greek] Republic of Cyprus, although the EU's effective embargo of northern Cyprus will remain in place.

But The Economist forgot to mention TeePee's comment when asked whether he would feel alone in the future within the EU - which was nothing less than a resounding:
"I will not be alone. The whole of the Greek Cypriot people will be behind me..."
To laugh or to cry? Irrelevant...

All I have to say to TeePee on that presumptuous outburst is: Count me out.

originally posted by Apodimos Kypreos


Anonymous Wunch of Bankers said...

Speaking of Turkey (a market of over 70 million, I believe), why is it that HSBC walked away from Laiki (and Cyprus, to all effects and purposes)? Perhaps circles in Turkey asked them to just forget about the litlle village at the center of the universe and come play real banking in Turkey?

I don't think J&P keeping their London money at HSBC was enough leverage.

Am I being paranoid? Are we being punished?

21 October, 2006 14:55  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

I dont know about that one.

Correlation does not imply causation...

It may be that Kikis picked a fight with a much bigger ego than his... Rare, but unavoidable at some point...

Or maybe they correctly predicted that the right time to sell is now. Corporate culture existing in Laiki and all that. Time will show whether they are right or wrong...

21 October, 2006 15:38  
Anonymous m said...

I find it amusing that we think that everyone trying to help Turkey into the EU has anything to do with the Cyprus Problem. The are throwing us a bone so we don't keep stalling things (or threatening vetos) and we think that they are trying to initiate a "solution"... yes, yes we ARE that vain!

21 October, 2006 22:45  
Blogger Noullis said...

Well, the alleged vetos are non-existent. The notion that spreads among the people that we have the ability to derail Turkey's accession course is quite ludicrous. Sure, we can be a royal pain - in addition to boring, as far as the peeps in Brussels and Strasbourg are concerned.

But one thing is certain: Turkey not getting what it wants is NOT good for us. Of course we have no clue as to what it is they want will settle for.

IF Turkey is quite satisfied with a 'special relationship' than we're already screwed.

Time to get the presses rolling.

Time to serve up more bullshit to the herd.

Have our peacekeepers left for Lebanon already?

Ela Kentron, eshei kamian koursa?

23 October, 2006 19:01  

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