October 13, 2006

A Few Changes

In the spirit of transparency that is sweeping the nation, Stravaraland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ΥΠΕΞ) has assumed the responsibility of engaging in all correspondence with those who wish to stay in touch without seeing the need to post a comment.

The electronic address is stravaraland[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Protocol dictates that the Foreign Ministry can and will use the essence of any correspondence in the occasional 'mailbox roundup'. All those wishing to stay anonymous please append a note stating as much.

Comments are hereby unmoderated. They do, however, require word verification to fend off bots plying such inappropriate wares as Viagra and penis enlargement methods, as neither of these are necessary for the well being of any self respecting Stravaraland citizen of either sex.

The Foreign Ministry hereby cautions all foreign governments (ftou sas, karakiozides!) to refrain from offering us large amounts of money in order for us to endorse peace plans, insane re-unification suggestions and all rantings of that ilk.

Long Live Stravaraland - One Nation, Almost Undivided, Under God.


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