October 18, 2006

Consumer Taxes & Hot Air

The children running Stravaraland are about to make changes to the consumer tax on cars. Everything's getting cheaper. Once the Attorney General's office checks this essay for spelling and gives it a grade it is sent to the Council of Ministers - the quieter children, sitting in a smaller class than the kids at parliament. The Council Kids will then draw butterflies on the final draft and also sign each other's shirts, even though school ain't out yet.

Three of the children in Parliament applauded these changes by making cute little statements. Even though they get things wrong, we must encourage these kids to speak up. The next step is trying to convince them that saying malakies is OK from time to time but not when it comes to statements made public.

In a nutshell, the larger the engine, the bigger the tax break. So, the more emissions your car generates, the more you save.

The best of the statements came from Antigone, who sits in parliament with the DIKO kids, who, according to Politis said something along the lines of:
"The reduction in taxes is combined with a reduction of emissions"
Yes, Antigone, if you buy a new Range Rover, you'll be saving at least £16,000 and really doing the environment a huge favour.

The other 2 stars of the class - Evagorou of AKEL and Christoforou of DISY also took this opportunity to prove that they're just as silly as silly Antigone. I wonder if they have MySpace sites?

Class dismissed.


Anonymous m said...

I keep getting this feeling that traffic is going to get worse... maybe it's that coffee, ooohh butterfly! snap! [If you saw Antigone on TV last night she was sort of hyper like that - I thought she escaped from a mental asylum]

19 October, 2006 11:44  
Blogger Noullis said...

I think it's Perdikis who is to blame. His charisma has that effect on all women. That's why there are so few of them in parliament: to avoid temptation.

Have you figured out what time is best to set off for work yet?

19 October, 2006 19:22  
Anonymous m said...


Still don't know the best time to leave for work... :(

it's pretty much random! usually there is a small window of *low* traffic between 7:32 and 7:44 though :P

20 October, 2006 10:41  
Blogger zappa said...

damnit.that is because nobody ever thought of building a public transport system in the first place....wow

20 October, 2006 20:23  
Anonymous Onan said...

No public transportation means you can keep robbing the public because a car is the only choice. One Person, One Vote, One Car.

And when the EU says WTF is with these taxes, re malakes, Antigone says it's so nice that we're going so Green.

And Perdikis has gone spear fishing in the Akamas.

Hence, Stravara Mas

21 October, 2006 11:43  

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