October 20, 2006

Go West, Jackie Boy

Blessed are the Stravaralanders who make the UK their home, for they shall inherit... Jackie Boy.

It's official: Our former Minister of Tavern Affairs is taking over as the High Commissioner of Cyprus to the Court of St. James.

This is a unique opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Actually, it's more like three birds during the Ambient Atmosphere Renaissance, but who's counting...

It's a hat-trick, gamota:
1. You will get to listen (first hand...but stay at least 20 feet away from his moustache or you will be seduced by his Machiavellian charm) to the grand sheftali-server analyze our position in the EU, in the world and on the Cyprus problem. Problem could refer either to the invasion of the Turks or the invasion of the intellectually challenged leaders of Stravaraland.

2. You will get to enjoy comedy live; especially now that Benny Hill is , sadly, nothing more than re-runs, Jackie Boy might fill the void...but from what I hear he is a puritan, so no hanky-panky innuendos in his comedy ...damn, what a sight that could be...

3. You finally get your chance to pose with Shistris' right hand-man (or is he a lefty, concrete-maker too) and have him carefully autograph the picture on the spot and put it in the living room of your Harringey semi-detached, right next to the ethnarch's picture...but please put him on the right side - next to the man in the black dress.

It seems his first speech, after the official tour of various Cypriot establishments, will be at the London School of Economics (and Political Science - lest we forget) - which, ironically, backed the Annan plan - where he will demonstrate the new and improved art of EU-approved ampelopoulia pickling techniques.

Most likely at some point he will retreat to the spas at Bath to write his autobiography: "A Jack of All Trades"


Blogger Giorgio said...

Well, if you consider the fact the Jackies will get a reduced pension since he will retire as an ambassador and not a minister, the whole thing does not make sense. However, given that his wife is British tze yia va pavtreutn to Jackie most likely kamia xorkatoua ara n xorkatoua going back to the Great Britain as the ambassador's wife... priceless

21 October, 2006 11:17  

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