November 01, 2006

Taking Over the Asylum

November promises to be fun, bizarre and rife with people in the public eye getting insanely silly. The race is on to see who can be the most outrageous. Quotes as well as actions are equally eligible in this impromptu panayiri currently getting under way in Stravaraland.

So far, we've had Kikis making a run for it so as to avoid a court appearance in a money laundering trial, involving an offshore company, allegedly linked to the Papadopouloss Law firm. Run, Kiki, Run! . Meanwhile, back at Banque Populaire, some guy from Greece is getting ready for a merger before he can go ahead with a further takeover involving a bank from the real world.

Then we had the new defence minister expressing his concern over the alarming increase of youngsters who want to have nothing to do with the National Guard. This issue prompted Antigone Papadopoulou to suggest that she will embark on a mission to eradicate the epidemic of mental illness, which refuseniks cite in order to give pissing about aimlessly for 25 months a miss. To Antigone we suggest that she should start with her own alarming case of the affliction.

We have a police chief who is horrified by the prospect of the force being taken over by women. According to the Cyprus Mail, Koulendis said: "women also had the unfair advantage that their physical requirements were lower than those of men, and suggested introducing a uniform physical exam instead, which would possibly slow down the problem temporarily". Priority will now be given to the guys with the nicest tits - assuming they can successfully pass a cooking test.

Stravaraland's minister for Externalised affairs, and legend in his own mind, Georges Lalique, told the press he had nothing to say regarding a possible high level meeting in Finland on Sunday, as the people of Suomi had kindly asked him not to make any comments on the subject.

We've also noticed TeePee's nose getting longer as he claimed he was far too busy to think about whether or not he'd be going for a second term in office. He will only do it if we all gather round and beg him nicely, though.

Sit back and enjoy the rest of the month.


Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...


What do you mean month?

Will Antigone Papadopoulou find The Cure this month?

Will the "legend in his own mind" solve the Palestinian/Lebanese/reform of the UN/Iraq problems this month?

Will Tee Pee decide to eventually not run for office this month?

I am sorry but you are in it for the long run my friend...The very long run...

01 November, 2006 14:48  
Blogger Noullis said...

I sincerely believe that Georges des Affaires Etrangeres, who happens to be in London for a spot of shopping will take the opportunity to:

1. Have a drink with Jack Straw and gently remind him how influebtial Cyprus can be in a man's career.

2. Visit no. 10 and tell Tony Blair what the UK should do in solving the Cyprus Problem before sitting down and discussing the finer points of Christian rock and Yesil pop music. They may actually have a little jam session.

3. He will sneak over to Finland for a couple of drinks and a hush hush meeting with Abdullah Gul at a bar 7 Km south of Lahti. They will both be disguised as polar bears so as not to attract any attention.

4. Antigone will claim that her breasts are fluent in Urdu and try and take over the police force with the help of Pambos the taxi driver who appeared in the first ever TV commercial for Politis newspaper.

5. TeePee will crown himself Archbishop in St. John's cathedral to stop the bickering in the Holy Synod.

6. Koulias will launch himself into outer space in thehopeof having a chat with timothy Leary.

God only Knows what will happen from December onwards!

Is it too early for a Maredsous?

01 November, 2006 15:12  
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