October 25, 2006

Food for Democracy

You know how our omnipotent president, Tee Pee The Magnificent, has always been accused, among numerous other things, of not being too fond of Turkish Cypriots? The detractors are mean and wicked and want to take TeePee's place as President. Lately, these creeps started to spread more vicious rumours, this time accusing TeePee of disliking the island's religious minorities as well. Poor Mr. Cleanthous was also accused of doing as much.

Despite these underhanded efforts at undermining the Great Driver of Our National Leoforeio, the results of Sunday's DIKO party elections for a new leader have proven the detractors wrong and Da Man vindicated.

By making a few 'phone calls and even going as far as to threaten certain pig-headed members of the party with a bit of innocent blackmail, our beloved and cunning leader has made certain that no one can accuse him of racism anymore. As a result of these efforts, the new President of the Presidential Party, Marios Karoyian, hails from the island's Armenian community, which makes up around 1% of the Stravaraland's happy and shiny population.

This means that our Ethnarch can no longer be accused of racism or partiality - let alone hypocrisy. He is the ueberpresident of all Stravaralanders who loves and cherishes every single individual component of the island's population. Rumours of worldwide trademarking of Lahmajoun as a national product are unfounded.

The cartoon above, depicting an illiterate loser being served lahmajoun, was stolen from Politis.


Blogger Noullis said...

What a crushing defeat! I guess Cleanthous will now have to eat humble...lahmajoun!

25 October, 2006 06:41  
Anonymous Avo said...

Q: If you throw a Lahmajoun and Cleanthous from the roof of DIKO Headquarters, which would land first?

A: Noooo, don't throw the lahmajoun!!!

It's interesting to hear the loser mention things like honesty and dignity.

25 October, 2006 11:31  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

You should all look at it from the bright side of the moon.

Oi pikrikes, kystimenes (sorry no accurate translation in english) dilwseis tou Kleanthous (podopatoyntai oi ligoi poy anoigoyn lewforoys, vlepw lypi kai apaisiodoksia sto proswpa tou kosmou (!), tha fylagw tis Thermopyles (kati paromoio) mipws kai hasei to komma tin anodiki tou poreia) mporoyse na itan kai heiroteres....

Dwste toy kyriou syntaksi nomizw...

25 October, 2006 12:05  
Blogger michaella said...

haha. the fact that this was made into a food issue, just shows how cypriot this whole thing is.

i thought that everybody was annoyed by cleanthous apart from the diko voters, but that was of course before he ate the potato in the elections in may. when it was proven by vote that he only got into the parliament by mistake, just because he was leading the party. the lahmajoun case was rather predictible

25 October, 2006 22:52  
Blogger zappa said...

now theyre trying to pass legislation to allow the police to use wiretaps whenever they want......democracy imish

like a spanish friend of mine says
republica platanera

28 October, 2006 17:11  

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