November 03, 2006

Kiss Me, Baby

Over the last few days, the dim-witted police chief of Stravaraland and his discriminatory comments have given almost every politician on the island a chance to prove how dim-witted they are, as well. Just when you thought no one could be more useless than the last minister of justice, we now have a man who seems to be suffering from a chronic case of nasal congestion as well as mental ambiguity.

It was a classic case of all the usual suspects getting together, as the newly appointed minister and a member of the opposition appeared on the morning news show on that subsidised excuse of a broadcaster known as CyBC. The conversation between these two was about as fascinating as two pebbles on a Limassol beach trying to f**k.

The issue of idiotic comments, regarding women in the force, made by the police chief ended in an almost homo-erotic scene (live on state TV) between the minister of justice and a guy with bleached white hair. They did the usual, which involves a bit of touching of the other guy's forearm and agreeing while pretending to disagree, and giggling like silly schoolgirls applying for a job in the police force. And then they laughed a bit to ease the sexual tension.

Do the Justice Ministers of Stravaraland come from the same experimental laboratory? Could we please have the rats from that lab take over for a while? Here we have two self-proclaimed grown-ups talking about how much they respect the role of women in society and the police force while they're looking into each other's eyes like a pair of closet queens straight out of an Almadovar film.

And what they have to say on the subject of policewomen slowly deteriorates into the verbal equivalent of a bad case of diarrhea.

What is truly amazing is what short memories Stravaralanders seem to have . The top scorers in police admittance tests have always been women. And women happen to be human. The police force ought to advertise and seek applications for specific jobs. Those who are best suited should, theoretically, get the damned jobs.

OK. so women are not as good as acting stupid and saying things like "Hey, I am the law" - as the average policeman claims when he's trying to shut down a bar and walk away with a case of free whiskey, but I'm sure they'll get the hang of it.

The police force of Stravaraland deserves the minister in charge just as much as it deserved the last idiot they had in charge. But why does the taxpayer have to suffer?


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