November 03, 2006

Sleep from That Side

One of TeePee's strongest arguments for not meeting with Talat is that such meetings could raise false expectations in the public's mind that something may be happening, when in atual fact nothing could be achieved from such a theoretical meeting. At face value this may even sound reasonable to the neutral observer.

In the past 2 months, however, we have been innundated with suggestions that Varosha will be given back so that the Turkish Cypriots can go ahead and start using Famagusta port legitimately. Ask people in Cyprus and they'll probably tell you that Varosha will be ours in time for Christmas. Now, this will most most likely (99.999%) not happen. The question is, which is a worse? TeePee having coffee with Talat every 3 months or the predicted outcome of Varosi's fate? And if it is the latter, what faith should a neutral observer have in TeePee - Da Man?


Blogger Psychia said...

What faith should ANY observer have in TeePee - Da Man?

The way things are, even if something positive does happen, I will strongly believe it's an illusion and look for Coperfield.

TeePee - Da Man has effectively sucked any faith I might have had left in respect to the Cyprus problematic situation (externally AND internally).

05 November, 2006 12:33  
Blogger Giorgio said...

Kati iksera egw tote tze efkala tov Tasso evkefalov tis sivomosias tze eipav me oulloi pellov...
Spiros Kyprianou

06 November, 2006 08:54  
Anonymous m said...

Ask people in Cyprus and they'll probably tell you that Varosha will be ours in time for Christmas.

Emm, give the people in Cyprus a bit more credit. We now that politicians are full of it. NOBODY expects Varosha to be "ours" in time for Christmas!!

This whole thing is a mess. We are negotiating something - recognition by a candidate state of the EU - that should not have anything to do with the "Cyprus Problem" and yet we have managed to dig ourselves in a hole again.

06 November, 2006 09:19  
Anonymous m said...

now = know :P

06 November, 2006 09:20  
Blogger apodimos Kypreos said...

@m: You are right, they might think about it deep down but their brain tells them otherwise, they dont really expect anything.

It seems to me that people have gotten used to the status quo and Tee Pee seems to be the best guarantee that the status quo will continue. Therefore, he looks (and acts) like an Untouchable. Is this the reason he seems Untouchable?

06 November, 2006 11:10  
Anonymous m said...

hahah, he thinks he is untouchable i bet!People simply care about their pounga... that is part of the problem :P

06 November, 2006 16:48  
Anonymous Pikifrinos said...

ate na tzittemerou me tin Tourkia...stillo stillo to Barwsi enna piame me ta limania enna stisoume ena kazanti poksw pou to proedriko nomizw tze na baloume pouloukkous tou Iakwbou, tou TP, tou Lili, tou Gristofkia...

tze pasto 4 fusika 8a einai o Iakwbou....

09 November, 2006 02:49  

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